Creative upcycling..and almost anything can unfold a potential beauty

Creative upcycling..and almost anything can unfold a potential beauty -  Upcycled eco-chic accessories

As a supporter of the Green movement, I express my creative energy by  the upcycling. But what does this word mean? “Upcycling” is the process of converting throw-away or unused materials into something of greater value  or beauty.

With this concept in mind, I am starting to take my first steps in the context of fashion and home accessories, trying to create unique objects where artistic flair and love for the environment fuse together to evoke emotions. Jewellery, cups, bowls, lamps, made from PET bottles or other plastic stuff, are only the starting point of my personal journey into creativity...Who knows where it will take me! Follow me and there will be sustainable designs for all, ecologically and economically speaking!




I have a mad desire to Summer!

Bracelets, hairbands, key rings, pendants

Bracelets, hairbands, key rings, pendants -  Upcycled eco-chic accessories

 Being eco-friendly doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. Take a look at these upcycled eco-chic accessories: bracelets, hairbands, key rings, pendants...

 PET bottles - sometimes combined with egg boxes or other plastic stuff - are appropriately cut, coloured, flame-worked and assembled with semi-precious stones, Bohemian crystals, metallic beads, silver chains or custom jewellery and so on, in order to create aesthetically stylish pieces...A practical way to provide elegant and both economically and environmentally sustainable fashion! 



TAC TAC: my multipurpose magnetic brooches

TAC TAC: my multipurpose magnetic brooches -  Upcycled eco-chic accessories

 "Tac Tac", my multipurpose magnetic brooches, are just what you need to adorn your outfits.They are so nice, colourful, light: you can wear them wherever you like! On the neckline of a dress or a blouse, or on the lapel of a jacket for a glamorous effect! Their magnets are so powerful as to make them wearable on most fabrics. Their neodymium magnet, the most widespread type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet and the strongest type on the market. Its counterpart, covered with protective film, was designed to protect the skin from their standard nickel coverage and make them safe and attractive at the same time.  My "Tac Tac", with a much stronger magnet and in larger sizes, can also be used to tie back curtains, or, without the satin band, to decorate them or valances, lampshades, headboards or, on the occasion of an important dinner, a long tablecloth too. I can also customize them to match your own requirements (size, nuances, components, etc.).




Last summer collection: S t a r s & S h e l l s

Summer collections 2016: nautic ropes,coffee capsules, brass bolts, PET and cotton wires 7 Images

Last collections were born by my research and curiosity around two new waste materials: the Nespresso coffee capsules and the nautic ropes.

Nautic ropes mixed together with coffee capsules, bottle plastic and sometimes simply combined with coloured cotton wires, brass bolts and golden plated components have brought to life a really cool summer collection, simple and chic at the same time, inspired to the yachting style. Suitable for any kind of woman, from the teenagers to the "cruise addicted" ones!



F / W 2016 collections: " Retro' " and " Shields"

Nespresso capsules, used ribbons, plastic bottles and lot of fantasy..looking to the past! 7 Images