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Who is nEl CO

Who is nEl CO -  Upcycled eco-chic accessories

My name is Nel Colombini, nEl CO, in this new artistic adventure. I am Italian and I love nature, the outdoors and our beautiful planet ... I really wish it could stay intact for future generations! ZERO WASTE, should be the motto! In this field of Arts and Crafts I am self-taught, even if, since an early age, I developed good manual dexterity and a good sense of aesthetics leading me to surround myself with beautiful things made with my own hands... Fortunately, it seems that my creations have also been appreciated by others...;) Hope you'll find them interesting too! 

  As regards creativity, it is my personal opinion that it must start going hand in hand with sustainability, ecologically and economically speaking, and that it springs from the heart rather than the mind.  In my life, in fact, I have always believed that the passion begins with a thought, but usually everything starts working only when the heart guides the mind ... ultimately isn't creativity a passion, is it? Therefore I decided to follow my heart first and to walk along this exciting new path: here I am, an artist-upcycler...fingers crossed!


Yours sincerely